Being Safe in the Sun

Now we are in the height of summer, hopefully you are all out and enjoying some good weather!  It is important that we take good care of our skin when we enjoy the sun, as too much of it can be incredibly damaging to our bodies.  When we know we are going to be in the sun, we should make sure to apply a good high protection sun cream.  Anything above spf 15 is good, but for fair skin, or for people who tend to burn, we recommend going for spf 25-30.  Reapply your cream regularly, and check that you are using enough of it – you should use around a tablespoon amount for your whole body.

Another way to protect your skin in the sun is to keep exposed areas covered where possible.  Wear a hat with a brim to keep sun from your face, as the sun can be really aging, causing wrinkles and drier skin.