Burning Fat for Weight Management

Do not be fooled by the title – we lied a little bit!  Losing weight is never easy, and there are no quick fixes to burning fat.  Here is our guide to losing weight in a sustainable and long term way, so you will soon lose the excess lbs and drop body fat for good!

  1. Eat more vegetables!  Veggies are low in calories and fill us up.  Load up your plate so you cannot fit so many high-calorie things on – you’ll fill up quicker and eat fewer calories!
  2. Drink water – quit drinking sugar laden soft drinks and alcohol.  These simply add extra fat to you as they are loaded with empty calories.  Choose water every time.
  3. Eat a wide range of food: do not ban any foods, as soon as you ban something, your mind will crave it more and more.  Instead, simply eat a smaller portion of the ‘naughty foods and larger portions of the good stuff.
  4. Exercise daily: 30 minutes of good quality cardio every day is healthy, and add in a few weight training exercises a couple of days each week to build muscle and burn fat.