How Cruising The High Seas Brought Healthy Life Changes

I have recently taken up a gym membership.  Not for the first time in adult life, but this one is that bit different.   It all started on a long cruising holiday during which I bought some hours with a personal trainer.  The plan was to remind myself how to do limbering up and balance exercises and generally how to stop the rot setting in.  It was more fun than I had first anticipated and despite the agonising pain up the legs and through the ankles, but after the first couple of sessions, I definitely began to feel much more lively and able to keep up with the family on walking around the decks and on excursions.  So when I got home, the very next day, I rang my local gym and asked about schemes.  Within a whisker, I was being encouraged to get a movement & mobility referral from my surgery so I could be allocated a dedicated trainer to design and help me implement a programme to work on my most serious issues.  Wooh.  Life has not been the same since.  I try to visit the gym 3 times a week but generally manage 2 without a struggle.  My limbs are responding, more politely now.