Keeping a Food Diary for Weight Management

Heading into September, this is a time for new beginings of sorts – the kids go back to school, the summer sun begins to wind down for Autumn, and we begin to think about the dreaded Christmas party season (ok maybe that is just us!).  A fantastic way to help manage your weight and encourage a bit more weight loss is through using a food journal.

A food diary is essentially a way of making a concious note of what you are eating, when you are eating and how you feel.  Often, our food choices are linked to our emotions, so keeping an eye on how we are feeling can certainly help us understand why we want certain foods!

To begin a food diary, simply write down what you eat, roughly how much you eat (you don’t have to measure things, just go for approximate amounts, such as 1 tablespoon, a handful, etc), and how you feel.  By making the connection with what you are eating and when, you are subconsiously more aware of what you are eating.